Supporting The Haven Refuge and "The Big Give" Campaign

I'm supporting The Haven's "Big Give" campaign, as part of Empurple Week, which hopefully will raise this fantastic Wolverhampton Charity a huge sum of cash.

During the week between Tuesday 8th (12pm) and Tuesday 15th March (12pm) we're encouraging everyone to get involved and donate whatever you can afford.

Here's my chat with Jade Secker, Fundraising Manager from The Haven, explaining The Big Give.

Money donated will be supporting our welfare project which aims to provide support for emergency needs such as travel, food vouchers and household items – it covers things like taxi fares to get women and children safely to us, when they have fled at a moment’s notice and have no access to their own money. It also supports women and children to resettle into the community when they are ready in their own home, and helps them to make their home safe with things like additional locks.

Here's the LINK to donate and get involved to help make a difference

The Haven Refuge in Wolverhampton supports Women and children who are victims of domestic violence and women who are at risk of homelessness, by giving them a safe place to go to and get away from an abusive relationship. Practical and emotional support is provided, as women and children begin their journey towards healing and transforming their lives.