This week’s poem is a reminder of the beauty of our city waterways in the light of news of future developments.


It’s a sonnet called “The Lock Gate”

The Lockgate (sonnet)

We used to meet at the old lockgate
Along the canal, your smile in my heart.
I come here often now we are apart 
And for you, by narrow boats, I will wait.
Hand in hand on towpaths we walked on dates
The canal, like a river, in the sun;
Straight as Cupid’s arrow the horizon 
But time changes all - and this is my fate.

Canal stretches forward across the land
And narrow boats pass through the locks and go;
Water is a constant, it has no flow 
Just like when you gave me your heart and hand.
All seasons change, nothing lasts forever,
Here I remain: desert my post?  Never!
My heart at attention, yours to command.

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