World War 1, also known as the great war, witnessed countless acts of courage, bravery, loyalty, and resilience. Many gave their lives to ensure a better world for future generations, earning the title 'the fallen.' it is important we remember the fallen those who fell for us, you and I and our generations to come. They laid the foundations for our future so we could live free, they fought for our freedom and the freedom of our children, and our children’s children and their children to come. The loyalty and bravery of those soldiers continue to teach us valuable life lessons even today. 

Loyalty: The most glaring attribute shown by the soldiers in World War 1 was their fierce loyalty to their country. This was not just limited to staying within the defined territories but was marked by the ability to put oneself in harm's way, displaying an absolute love and loyalty for one's country. Today, loyalty may not mean standing at the country's borders with guns. Instead, it translates to actively contributing to its growth and development, helping our country stand tall among others.

Courage: It was nothing but courage that allowed soldiers to face gruesome conditions on the battlefield. This wasn't merely physical bravery but also a moral one; they held steadfast to their beliefs, duties, and loyalties, even in the face of extreme adversity. We can apply this lesson to our lives today. To be brave doesn't necessarily mean to face a war; instead, we exhibit courage when we persistently fight against injustice, discrimination, or any wrongdoing in our society.

Unity: War wasn't fought by an individual soldier but by an army standing together against the enemy. Unity became a force multiplier on the battlefield. In today's divided society, this unity teaches us that it's only together that we can conquer the biggest challenges.

Resilience: Soldiers, faced with some of the worst human conditions, displayed resilience of an unbelievable magnitude. No matter how battered or bruised, they pressed on in their fight. Similarly, in life, no matter the difficulties we encounter, the power of resilience enables us to stand up and move forward, just like these soldiers did. 

Sacrifice: The biggest lesson we can learn from The Fallen is the art of sacrifice. They chose a life of discomfort, pain, and ultimate sacrifice to preserve the comfort of future generations. This lesson prompts us to ask 'what sacrifices are we willing to make today to ensure a better tomorrow for others?'

While we must remember that war and its glorification come with a high cost and massive loss, there's a lot we can learn from the bravery and loyalty shown by those who fought in World War 1 and all conflicts since.

As we strive to make the world a better place, we should embody these virtues of loyalty, courage, unity, resilience, and sacrifice. After all, as rightly said by Josiah Gilbert Holland, “It is not so much the size of a man's body as the size of his heart that counts.”

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