Training and Volunteering


WCR volunteer presentersLearn to present, produce, interview, generate local content, help with outside broadcasts, and get involved with all the other many things that it takes to run a radio station like 101.8 WCR FM.

We offer occasional training courses and work experience placements, encouraging participants to remain active in WCR activities if they wish.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our training.

Work Experience

Many school children and students write to ask for several weeks or a term of work experience. Sadly, we can not support long-term placements, as none of our presenters are full-time; so there is nobody on-site every day for students to shadow. This will be true with other small voluntary organisations.

We offer work placements of a few days from time to time here at WCR FM. They include an introduction to radio - interviewing, editing, studio production and presentation.

The next dates for placements are April 15, June 24, July 1st 2024.

Volunteering at WCR FM

Volunteer roles at WCR provide a chance to learn professional-level skills in all areas of audio-media production. You can learn to make documentaries and features, mix live music, produce and present programmes, interview local people, and much more. Learning these things as a volunteer helps to develop the best skill of all – a sense of inner motivation and discipline and confidence in a working environment.

As well as constantly striving to both improve our output and increase our involvement in the local community, we are interested in extending our local news service. These are just as vital as presenting radio shows. If you’re interested, please do get in touch.

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