Surviving Life’s Arrows with Flexibility

Life is like a game of archery; arrows constantly coming your way, sometimes unexpected, and often aimed at a target. To survive this constant barrage of challenges, one needs to be flexible, to adapt, and to keep on moving.

The secret to maintaining your sanity amidst all these arrows is flexibility. The Ability to deal with what comes your way is a fundamental ingredient to survival in this world. Fixed targets are easy to hit; but they are also easy to break.

A tree trunk can stand firm for years, but one storm or a fire, and it could come crashing down. If you set yourself as a rigid target in life, you may get through for some time, but sooner or later, life's arrows will find you, and you might not be able to withstand the pressure. On the other hand, flexibility is like a mental preservative that will protect you from breaking under the stress of life’s arrows.

Being flexible doesn’t mean you have to be indecisive, though. Flexibility means being adaptable, always finding new ways of looking at the problem, or a new approach to handle the challenge.Sometimes life may surprise you, leaving you with little or no control. These Moments require flexibility the most. If you try to resist and fight back, it will only make matters worse. Flexibility, in this case, could mean surrendering and trusting the process

Being flexible also means having the courage to take risks. A tree that grows to lean into the direction of the sunlight and the wind is more resilient to harsh weather. Similarly, you should be willing to take a step into the unknown to reach your goals and to find happiness. The path ahead may be unclear, but your flexibility will keep you going.In essence the way to survive life’s arrows is by staying flexible.

By being adaptable, open to change, and not holding on to rigid beliefs. Remember that targets that do not move are easy to hit, and you may break under the pressure of life's arrows.

Embrace flexibility, be on the move, and watch how you overcome the challenges that life throws your way.

Author : Debbie Huxton

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