Word of the week - Shelter

A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul - Phillip Moffitt

We live in a fast-paced world where stress and tension have become a normal part of our everyday lives. A sanctuary, a place where we can truly relax and be ourselves, becomes essential. This is exactly what Phillip Moffitt talks about in his quote, emphasising the vital importance of a 'home' in our lives. 

According to Moffitt, a house turns into a home when it is more than just a physical shelter. A true home, as per this definition, nurtures the soul along with offering shelter to the body. It provides a comforting space that embraces us, supports us and gives us a sense of peace. This concept can be easily applied in our day-to-day lives and extends to all the environments we create - not just residential spaces. Schools, offices, churches and community centre’s can and should embody this idea, nurturing individuals and allowing them to thrive.

In light of this perspective, we must consciously attempt to create and promote such 'homes' - spaces that support and foster emotional well-being alongside providing physical shelter. To start, we need to ensure our own houses offer an atmosphere of warmth and peace. We can promote harmony by managing conflict efficiently, building open lines of communication and supporting each other through highs and lows.

Next, in helping others, we could volunteer at local shelters or support organisations working to create homes for the less fortunate. Ensuring everyone has a place they can call home contributes to societal health and stability. 

Also, businesses and organisations can heed Moffitt's advice by nurturing positive environments in workplaces. A stressful, cut-throat office space harms the employees' mental well-being and can affect productivity negatively. On the other hand, an office environment that cares for its employees' emotional needs results in happier, healthier, and more productive workers.

In addition, creating nurturing spaces is essential in schools as well. Education environments should cater to the overall development of students - cognitive, emotional, and physical. A 'home-like' school can in still a love for learning in students, resulting in happier, confident, and successful individuals. 

To sum it up, our quote today is about the transformative power of a true 'home'. By applying this wisdom in our lives and the environments we create, we can promote mental wellness in ourselves and in those around us. Through understanding the value of a 'home', we can strive to build a society where everyone has a nurturing and comforting space.

Everyone has a home wherever you are because home is not a building. It’s what you carry in your heart. Home has heart. Home is a place to love. Home is a place you are loved. 

Author : Debbie Huxton

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