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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 - 12 minutes

A GROUNDBREAKING new toolkit to make domestic abuse refuges more accessible for blind and partially sighted people has been launched.

This toolkit has been designed by the Beacon Centre for the Blind in partnership with domestic abuse specialist charity Chadd, after research by Fight For Sight / Vision Foundation found that approximately 1 in 12 visually impaired individuals in the UK are believed to be victims of domestic abuse, totalling around likely 188,000 victims or survivors.

The research also found that less than one in five domestic abuse professionals have received specialised training to support blind or partially sighted individuals.

Key features of the toolkit include:

  • Advice on how refuges can adapt their physical environment to accommodate the needs of blind and partially sighted individuals.
  • Tips for communicating effectively with individuals who are blind or partially sighted, including providing important information such as contact details in audio format.
  • Guidance on training refuge staff to better understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with sight loss who are experiencing domestic abuse.

For more information or to download the toolkit, visit the Beacon Centre’s website: You can call Beacon Vision on 01902-880111.

For research information go to

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