Dryanuary is not Helping

Every year "Dryanuary" trudges along, which volunteers limp through then reward themselves with a blowout come 1st February. This avoidance of alcohol can also hit pubs hard, as if they aren't suffering enough at the moment.

So, rather than avoiding alcohol altogether, instead go for the certainly healthier option of a little and occasionally. There is now a growing range of low alcohol beverages available (very few contain 0%) and beer is a lower alcohol alternative to wine and spirits.

In the West Midlands, dark Mild used to be a mainstay offering in pubs, and it is both tasty and low alcohol. So, maybe there is no need to be Dry ... just wiser in what you Try.

If you want to lower your alcohol intake, Try Low. There are some practically zero alcohol beverages, but these can be poor to drink. Even the good ones need to be finished within 10-15 minutes or the flavour wanes. Low alcohol beers are probably better made than wines, but whatever you do, don't accept poor tasting drinks.

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