As   we  all make our   way   through   life,   it's   sometimes   hard   to   imagine   it   as anything but an ongoing journey full of choices and events that seem out of our control. Yet when you take a step back and look at life from a poetic point of view,   it   becomes   something   else   entirely.

Life   is   a   unique   and   individual experience, but one with a rhyme and reason behind it that can only be fully appreciated when viewed through the lens of poetry. Life is like a poem, full of lyrical images and word play that remind us of all the beauty and wonder that life has to o$er. It may feel chaotic, but if we pause to think of the sweet lullaby of life's motions, the unfolding of experiences can bethought of as poetry in motion.

Life is often compared to a stage performance,with us being the actors, the audience, and the director. Life can be seen as the perfect embodiment of performance art and the creation of a truly beautifulstory.

We can take away from life lessons, successes, heartaches, and experiences that cannot be put into words. All these pieces form our own unique stories,just like an intricate and delicate poem that speaks to our soul. Poetry and life can become intertwined in unexpected ways. Every experience of our lives has something to be gleaned and put down in written word form. Each experience that brings pain and sorrow is an opportunity for beauty in its own unique form.

Let us take this moment to recognise life as the poetic masterpiece that it is.For   within   each   moment   lies   the   potential   for   profound   understanding   and lasting change, with words being our very source of inspiration.

Life may feel overwhelming   at   times,   but   in   the   midst   of   the   confusion   and   turbulence,remember that it's really a poem that you're living and create.

Make it count.Make it worth it. Life is your poem. Live it as such.

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