Yesterday I was out in the garden of my son's recently purchased new home. We were making his garden ready to be enjoyed this year and carrying out the simple yet necessary task of pruning. Last night as I reflected on the day, there are so many poignant lessons tucked into the effort of pruning.

1. Pruning reveals and creates space for new growth.

Once you cut back the branches, stems and clear away old debris, you reveal new growth. Tiny shoots of hope and new beginnings. In our lives, sometimes it’s only after we cut back and remove the old that we can discover what wasn’t visible before.

2. Pruning focuses where energy goes.

When a tree or plant is pruned, nutrients are able to be transported to encourage new healthy growth. It’s the same for our lives, when we prune the areas of our lives overgrown and in need of some TLC and we focus our priorities our energy increases.

3. Pruning prepares for abundant harvest.

In all of our lives when we refuse to let ourselves get spread too thin, the efforts where we really invest our time and energy will yield an abundant harvest. When you focus on your priorities and let go of distractions, you can improve your yield and influence your harvest.

4. Pruning requires a different perspectives.

As you prune you need to periodically step back and reassess. Looking at the area you are pruning from different angles to see where else needs to be thinning and trimming. In our lives taking a step back will always help us see our situation in a new light and help us to see the work in front of us with more clarity. Sometimes we can be so close we can’t see what’s in front of us clearly. If this is the case ask a trusted person in your life to take a look at the situation and help you identify any blind spots you may be missing. Always be open to feedback from others perspectives that can help you continue to grow and flourish.

5. Pruning is a sign of seasons changing.

It means that winter has come to an end and Spring is being ushered in with its new growth creating an atmosphere of expectation. If you find yourself apprehensive when faced with the need to let go or say no, remind yourself that pruning is part of ushering in a new season of growth in order to flourish. Pruning can provide us with valuable insights into our own journeys. Perhaps its time for you to begin the process of pruning that will help you focus, increase your flow of energy and empower you to continue moving forward in living and avoiding becoming stagnant.

© Debbie Huxton

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